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Rob has been working with Daniel since 2012, when he helped in the building of "Reflection" at Afrikaburn in South Africa. 

Rob studied Industrial Design in Cape Town and previously ran a small design studio, Now Now Design, in Cape Town, South Africa with fellow designer Samuel. 
With the growing popularity of Daniel's sculptures, he joined the team as the technical design lead and is now responsible for the structural element of the sculptures. 


Collaborating with other designers, engineering teams and fabricators, Rob helps bring Daniel's visions into the real world. 
Interested in the whole design process, materials and fabrication technology, Rob enjoys seeing all the nuts and bolts of the pieces coming together.



Sam has always been drawn to the more tangible side of design, the act of bringing a piece into the world. This makes the hands-on role managing installation and construction a perfect fit.


He can be found behind the wheel of a machine, climbing a sculpture to fix a hard to reach detail or poring over plans to figure out the next move. 


Working on large scale installations has always excited and energised him. The process never ceases to provide valuable lessons in creative problem solving, patience, diligence and perseverance.


Working closely with Daniel over the years has provided the opportunity to grow and express himself creatively, to develop a unique and indespensible set of skills and to be involved in many incredible projects come to fruition. 



The universe connected Chrisy with the Popper team in 2021 through the combined force of luck and intention. Chrisy helps run the Popper business operations with her perceptive, proactive and solution-oriented nature. Everything from client relations, business development, project logistics, travel coordination to recruiting and financial reporting falls under her wing.

With over 11 years of administrative and project management experience in the financial industry, her strong organizational, analytical, and problem solving skills allow her to keep a detailed eye on all the moving parts while the creative team focuses on designing and bringing these awe-inspiring installations to life.

Outside of work, Chrisy feeds her creative Pisces spirit with travel, art, live music, the great outdoors and culinary experiences with loved ones. *Every day is a new adventure*

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